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Scheduled Maintenance – Saturday 8th August 2015


UPDATE 7.40PM: Site is now back and running normal (from what we can see). Any problems please get in touch.  Thanks for your patience today.

UPDATE 6.50PM: Further testing has shown the site is now functionally working but there is an annoying piece of information about the maintenance showing at the top of the screen (and it’s not our maintenance message that we have control over).

UPDATE 6.40PM: Been advised site is available and working, but after our tests we don’t agree. Ticket has been raised and we await a response.

UPDATE 6.25PM: Site now being activated and final tests.

UPDATE 6.00PM: Awaiting on update from Lumesse on ETA.

UPDATE 5.05PM: There may be some confusion over times supplied to by the supplier, so expected time is now 6.00PM.

On Saturday 8th August the myjobscotland website will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.

We expect the website to be offline from 8am. Maintenance is expected to last for 9 hours to ensure comprehensive quality control. This timeframe has been determined by our service provider.

How does this affect me?

As of 8am on Saturday 8th August a holding page will appear when you go to During this time you will not be able to:

  • Register for an account
  • Amend your account details
  • Log-in to access your account
  • View your application(s)
  • Apply for a position
  • Search for jobs

When will the website be back up?

At the moment we have been told that the scheduled maintenance will take 9 hours (8am – 5pm). The website will be up as soon as possible after the maintenance has been concluded. It would therefore be advisable to try to avoid accessing the website on Saturday 8th August and revisit the website on Sunday 9th August when all functions should be available e.g. register for an account, log-in, search for jobs, apply for jobs. However, we will publish any updates on the day via our social media channels and links to these will be accessible via the holding page that will be in place during this period. As it currently stands we are not aware of any jobs that will be closing on this date.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

The myjobscotland Team

myjobscotland (legacy website closing soon) – Action Required

The old myjobscotland website will be closing as of 5pm on Wednesday 30th September 2015.


As we moved across to the new website and database in January 2015 the period of nine months is a reasonable timeframe for previous candidates on the old site to access their old account and take a copy of their old information. If the timeframe was any longer then there is a real danger that the information will be out of date.

In addition, we have assumed a 3 months processing period (for the councils and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service) for any applications made up until Christmas 2014, and allowing for another 6 months for those accounts to become inactive again before being archived at the end of the 6 month period.

The following information is ONLY relevant to candidates who applied before January 2015 and who wish to take a copy of their old application forms.

If you did not apply on the myjobscotland website prior to January 2015 nor wish to take a copy of your old application forms then you need take NO further action.


Q: How do I access the old website?

To access the old website please go to or go to the current site and scroll to the bottom of the screen to click on the text ‘view my old myjobscotland account’ on the green banner.

Q: How do I login?

When you visit type in the email address and password you used when you previously accessed the old website prior to January 2015.


Q: I applied prior to January 2015 how do I access my old account?

If you applied for positions via the old myjobscotland website (prior to January 2015) and wish to take a copy of your previous applications please go to log-in, and either print your applications or copy and paste the text into a Word document and save it to e.g. your desktop/USB.


Q: What should I do if I can’t remember my password for the old website?

There is a forgotten password option. It is labelled ‘Forgotten your password? Click on the link below. Please email my password to me’ under the log-in button.

Please note if you enter your email address and there isn’t a live account on the old website linked to that email address, or you have made a typo, an error message will appear and it will say in red text:

“The email (username) entered does not exist on our system. Please make sure you have entered it correctly.”

You can try again if need be e.g. your email address without any mistakes.

If the system finds a live account linked to the email address you have input a forgotten password will be triggered to that email address. Please ensure you check junk/spam filters on your email account to help ensure the forgotten password email isn’t blocked.


Q: What if I don’t have a live account but I still would like to access my old applications to take a copy?

If you haven’t accessed your old account in over 6 months, or if your application isn’t set to Appointed, then your account will have been archived. To get an account unarchived please contact myjobscotlandATcoslaDOTgovDOTuk and state the following:

* I wish to have my account unarchived

* The email address on my account is: [insert your email address information]

* I have read the website terms and conditions []

We can then raise a case with our software providers to see if they can find an account linked to the email address you have stated in your email. If an account is found it will be unarchived between 1-3 working days and you will be contacted to advise you of this.

Once an account has been unarchived you can then go to the old website log-in page and log-in and/or trigger a forgotten password if need be and then log-in.

The last date for unarchiving requests will be Thursday 24th September 2015.


Q: How long do I have to access the old website?

The old website will be closed as of Wednesday 30th September 2015. That will have given candidates 9 months of access to the old site from when we moved over to the new website in January 2015.

Once the old website is closed no data can be retrieved and candidates will not be able to log-in to the old website and see their previous applications and take copies.

Should you wish to access your previous applications on the old website you need to take action no later than 24th September 2015 just in case your old account has been archived.


Q: How does this affect my new applications?

Applications on the new website will not be affected. This new site was launched 16th January 2015 and any application since then would have been made with new account details.


Q: How can I contact you for more information/advice?

You can either email myjobscotlandATcoslaDOTgovDOTuk or go to the Contact Us page on the website and click on the Ask Us tab.

We will respond to you as soon as possible during business hours (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm). There is no telephone helpline so please contact us using either of the methods noted above.

Mon 15th Jun, 3.30PM: The viewing submit

Mon 15th Jun, 3.30PM: The viewing submitted applications problem is due to be fixed by midnight tonight. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The Scottish Borders – Your Perfect Teaching Destination

SBOTeach3Fantastic Young People and Ambitious Staff
The Scottish Borders – Your Perfect Teaching Destination

We have a large number of permanent teaching vacancies in primary and secondary schools. Specialist training and support will be provided to help you achieve your goals in teaching.
Apply online by Thursday 26 March at and you will be guaranteed an interview for non-promoted posts at our Recruitment Day:
SATURDAY, 28 MARCH 2015 – 9:30AM

For promoted posts, this is your opportunity to find out more about our headteacher vacancies. The Borders has the perfect balance of town and country life, and is a short distance from the city. Come along and speak to teachers, pupils and parents about what it is really like to live, work and learn in the Borders.

The schools here have a lovely community feel and having worked in 5 out of the 9 secondary schools – some on placement and some as work experience – I can safely say that the support I have received from all schools have been second to none.

Kate Riddell
Teacher of History & Social Subjects

Maths & ICT
Modern Studies
French & Spanish
Home Economics
French & German
Physical Education
Craft, Design & Technology
Spanish & Italian
Business Studies & Computing
Geography & Modern Studies
Support for Learning

Jedburgh Grammar School
Channelkirk & Westruther
Primary Schools
Cockburnspath & Coldingham
Primary Schools
Ednam & Sprouston
Primary Schools
Broughton & Newlands
Primary Schools

For more information email and we will be in touch.


New myjobscotland Website – w/c 12th January 2015

website icons

On Monday (12th January 2015) we will start pointing our domain name to our brand new server and brand new website that we’ve been working on last year.

We don’t want you seeing different things so from Monday (and perhaps part of Tuesday) you will see a holding page (which you may have already seen, it may even be the reason you are currently reading this!) as that work begins.

Once we’re happy that most of you will be able to see the site (and that depends on how quickly Domain Name Servers [] are updated) we’ll remove the holding page and you can start experiencing the new site for yourselves. You’ll still be able to log into the old site to review your previous applications until the end of March.

We’ve not been able to do any large scale user testing, and as we know we won’t get everything right first time we want you to get involved during January telling us what you like and don’t like through the feedback form link which will appear as a banner ad.

We’ll keep you up to date weekly on what suggestions have been made, and what we intend changing as a result.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for an inconvenience.

myjobscotland Team

New myjobscotland Website Coming Soon – Part 2

list of account fields

In our last update we mentioned that in January 2015 we are launching a brand new and improved myjobscotland website (same URL

So what’s changing?

The technical bit is that we are moving from an e-Recruitment solution called i-Grasp to a newer version called TalentLink, both provided by the same company Lumesse

As we are making whole-sale changes to the e-Recruitment engine we decided to give the website a face-lift too so it is fully responsive i.e. the site automatically adapts to the size of screen you are using, and is a bit prettier. To benefit fully from these make sure you are using the latest browser. And no we are not talking about you IE8!

How is it changing?

The new website design might look and feel a bit different but it is business as usual.

Councils will still have full ownership over the positions they advertise on the website, and for their recruitment policies and procedures so it is the same as before. In the new update we will be able to advertise even more jobs for organisations across the public sector.

What does this mean for me?

You will still be able to see positions being advertised, search for a position relevant to you, submit an online application, update your account details, receive job alert emails, and receive emails related to your application status. Booking interview slots will initially be done via email, although this feature will be added to your account in Q1 2015.

This does mean that once the new site goes live you will need to re-register for an account and set up any job alerts for any vacancies that might be of interest to you.

Please remember it will still be only one email per account and you should not share your account with anyone else. This is for your own security.

What happens to my current myjobscotland account?

Any information you have on the current website e.g. previous applications/job descriptions, will be available to you for a period of three months after the switch, meaning up until the 31st March 2015.

The old site will be kept active for:

– jobs that have closed but are still active whilst the job is filled

– this will allow councils to still communicate with you about your applications e.g. email, mail, phone

– access to your old account means that you’ll be able to take back-up copies of your previous applications, which you can then use to copy and paste information from the old system to the new one.

The reason we have taken this decision is that it’s fairer on you as the candidate to be able to access all your old information and for data security/protection reasons your previous data will not be carried over to the new site.

We’d be happy to hear from you in advance of our launch date, so any queries you may have please do get in touch so we can address some of these before we launch, either by email ( or any of the social media accounts listed above.

myjobscotland Team

More Information

Go to ‘New myjobscotland Website Coming Soon – Part 1’ –

New myjobscotland Website Coming Soon – Part 1

website icons

We’ve listened to your comments and feedback over the last six years, and have been working on incorporating these into a newly designed and responsive website, which we will be launching in beta at the start of January next year.

We have chosen to launch in this way by taking the lead from internet best practice, much in the same way that all Google products are launched. Whilst we can’t claim to be as big as Google, it will allow you to provide feedback so that we can make changes based on your views, something that we were previously unable to do.

Some of the key changes we are implementing from day one are:

  1. Log-in option: One feature we have consistently been asked for is a log-in button on the main homepage. We’re pleased to say that this is now in place.
  2. Applying for more than one position at a time: There will be the ability to work on multiple applications – so no need to complete one application before starting a new one.
  3. Archiving clock: We have extended the archiving time-frame so accounts will now be archived after one year of inactivity. The onus is still on you to keep your account active should you wish to keep using it but this increased timeframe should help. We will no longer be able to unarchive accounts.
  4. Multiple job alerts


Since we will be using a new recruitment solution (again provided by Lumesse) you will need to re-register your details, but don’t panic as you will have 3 months to revisit any applications you have made on the ‘old’ site.  You may wish to start taking back-up copies of your previous applications now so you have them for your records, and are able to copy them over to any new applications you wish to make.

In the meantime you can keep applying online as this won’t affect current applications or applications made up until 2nd January 2015. However, from this date onwards no new jobs will be advertised on the ‘old’ website.

We will keep you updated between now and then – so keep an eye on our social media accounts, and our homepage for further information. You don’t need to have a social media account to view the information you can click on the links below.

Facebook –
Twitter –
Google+ –
Blog –

We’d be happy to hear from you in advance of our launch date, so any queries you may have please do get in touch with your questions so we can address some of these before we launch, either by email ( or any of the social media accounts listed above.

myjobscotland Team


More Information

Go to ‘New myjobscotland Website Coming Soon – Part 2’ –

Earn While You Learn With Fife Council

Fife Council logo

Here’s a great chance to earn whilst you learn with a Modern Apprenticeship in Business Administration with Fife Council.

A Modern Apprenticeship is a work-based training programme that leads to an industry approved qualification.  The training can be both on and off-the-job, which means Modern Apprentices (MAs) learn the right mix of skills, abilities and knowledge.  Give it a try, come on and apply.

To apply for Modern Apprentice – Business Administration (FIF012813) please visit the myjobscotland website using this link .

Executive Jobs in Fife


Fife, a great place to live and work

Great education, superb transport links, a growing economy and a wide range of leisure and housing choices, Fife has it all!

Fife lies on the east coast of Scotland, between Edinburgh and Dundee, and is one of Scotland’s fastest growing regions. We are going from strength to strength offering competitive employment opportunities coupled with quality alternatives to big city living and everything you would need for a healthy work life balance. As Edinburgh is in easy reach, Fife residents can also benefit from the amenities of Scotland’s capital city.

As well as great golf (St Andrews is home to the game after all) and leisure facilities, our countryside, wildlife and award winning beaches attract over a quarter of a million visitors every year.

Fife is also rich in history; it’s the birthplace of Adam Smith and Andrew Carnegie, as well as being the historic seat of Scottish Kings. If you are interested in culture, we have award winning community cultural festivals, theatres, libraries, museums and galleries.

The Kingdom of Fife is a place of contrast and opportunities, packed with potential.

Fife Council

Fife Council is the third largest authority in Scotland and the largest employer in Fife. We employ approximately 18,000 people to provide 900 different services to approximately 360,000 people and we have one of the highest overall customer satisfaction ratings for a council in the UK.

Our vision is to make Fife a great place to live, work, visit and invest. To realise this we are committed to working in partnership with other local organisations and local communities. Our shared boundaries and close links with other public sector organisations including Fife NHS and Police Scotland have helped us build a strong Community Planning Partnership.

Fife Council works with an annual budget of around £900 million and we pride ourselves on providing value for money services. But, like all public sector organisations, we are having to make our budget stretch further every year and will have to save significant sums of money in coming years.

We remain ambitious for Fife, we want our region to inspire others, to lead the way and be the best it can be, but we must address the inequalities across our communities.

To apply for Head of Economy, Planning and Employability (FIF011763) please visit the myjobscotland website using this link .

To apply for Head of Housing Services (FIF011764) please visit the myjobscotland website using this link.