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Moving jobs within the public sector

by on April 4, 2012

Moving is meant to be one of the most stressful things you can do, whether it’s moving house or moving jobs. So it’s understandable why you’d steer clear of change and stick with what you know, especially if you work in local government.

But what if we told you there’s a way of moving jobs without the stress of starting all over again?  If variety is the spice of life, why not add a little pepper to your career by simply swapping roles within local government and trying something new?

Starting again

The idea of being a newbie may seem terrifying, especially if you’ve been in your job longer than anyone else in your constituency. But remember how much you dreaded your first day on the job? And once you’d had a cup of tea and met everyone it wasn’t so bad? Moving jobs within your sector is like that, but this time you’ve got the same employer and you know the sector pretty well already.

You won’t move to completely unfamiliar territory either. By moving within the public sector you’re already in a familiar work environment and you’ll still be making a difference to the community, but just in different (and probably more challenging) ways.

Pension worries

We know that it’s not just this month’s bills you’ve got to worry about, it’s your future bills, too…  and then there’s the hot topic of pension and retirement. But don’t stay in a job you hate just because you have already contributed towards your pension as there can be ways around it and, provided you don’t move completely out of the public sector, a move should be relatively simple.

Don’t believe the rumours – going from one public sector job to another doesn’t always destroy your pension. Most employers know you probably won’t stick around for all of your working life – particularly in local government – and they will probably have a transfer agreement already in place.

Of course you should always check with your boss just to be on the safe side, and you may have to get your negotiating hat on to get your way.

Career prospects

The great thing about local government (and the public sector in general) is there are so many roles to choose from, and if there aren’t any in your constituency you can always move to another….

Believe it or not, there is a silver lining to the changes that the public sector is currently adapting to. Now, more than ever, government departments and local authorities need managers and staff that are not only equipped with transferable skills but can also adapt to any environment.

If you’re already working in local government, you’ll not only hear about vacancies through colleagues and contacts, but it’s also likely you’ll already be qualified for the job. You work for the same employer, after all…

 [Link to] Public sector job descriptions

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