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Withdrawn Applications

by on May 22, 2013
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A candidate can withdraw an application via their myjobscotland account up to the point of submitting it. Thereafter the candidate needs to contact the recruiting council/organisation to have their application withdrawn.

Each council/organisation has full ownership over the positions they advertise on myjobscotland and the full recruitment process. Please note that if a candidate withdraws their application, e.g. in error, or to apply for another position first, or they ask us to withdraw it on their behalf, then they can contact ourselves via email ( or the relevant council to have the withdrawn application reset back to incomplete, if the candidate provides the position information. This is providing the position closing date hasn’t expired.

Once your account is linked to a position, regardless of the application status, the system will not let you link the same account to the same position. This is to help prevent candidates making multiple applications to the same position.

You cannot have two incomplete applications on your account at any one time so if you are asking a council to reset an application you will need to ensure you don’t have an existing incomplete application on your account or you could temporarily be locked out of both.

Find out how to contact the relevant council by using this link Council Contact Information

To contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service email:

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  1. I wonder if you could help me. My account has closed as it is over 6 months since I last applied for a vacancy. Is there any way that I can access my last application as it is the only place that I kept my previous job details, kind regards, Kevin Carruthers

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